Returning BAK

June 8th, the City of Marion will be able to witness approximately 900 cyclists traveling by Marion on Highway 256 (Main Street).  Biking Across Kansas (BAK) is an eight day, 475 mile bicycle tour of the State of Kansas.  It is the second oldest organized cross-state bicycle tour in the United States.

Marion has been designated as one of the official “Lunch Stops” for this group.  It is estimated some of them may start to appear anywhere from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and they could be stopping to eat.  Their visit has the potential to make a positive financial impact on our community.  Hopefully, our restaurants and cafes will be prepared for the possible onslaught of hungry bikers!

A Press Release by BAK suggests having local youth groups or community organizations prepare some type of food for the bicyclists as a fundraiser.  Either way, it is important to present a welcoming atmosphere to these visitors.  Marion has many attractions that can be appealing to this market.  And it is those return visitors that can lead to increased retail revenue and possibly new residents.

Marion sits between two recreational lakes and is situated at the western edge of the Flint Hills.  It is easily accessed by US Highway 56, and offers rural town charm with historic stone buildings, active antique shopping opportunities and a Central/Brooker Park unrivaled in peacefulness and beauty.

I know this is early, since they are still over a month away, but let’s take this time until then to dust off our welcome mats.  Opportunity may be riding by June 8th!


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