Quarterly Summary

It has now been three months since beginning as the City Administrator.  It’s as good a time as any to reflect on what I’ve learned.

  • There are a lot more regulations and restrictions on finance and lending in the public sector that in the private sector.  This is how it should be, seeing many city departments are financed through real estate taxes.
  • Things move slower when making decision by committee.  Not that I want more meetings, but when decisions have to wait two weeks for a Council meeting, it slows down the process.  And then Council decides to table the issue until the next meeting….
  • Policies and Procedures are very important.  Especially in local government, impartiality and consistency may be the only way to placate the diverse personalities and issues with city residents.  If the policy is fair and equitable, it makes deadlines, disconnects and decisions easier.
  • Budgets are a “best guess”, and sometimes assumptions in the spring of last year do not equate to the realities of mid-summer this year.  Two words; Fuel Prices.
  • There is a tendency to react to the negativity and brush off the compliments.  I think that’s almost backwards.  We need to address legitimate concerns, but not allow the messenger to force the solution or the pace of the correction.  The few words of encouragement should be appreciated and remembered.

There are other lessons learned; some not appropriate to print, but that may be another reflection for another time.


About marionadmin
City Administrator for the City of Marion, Kansas

One Response to Quarterly Summary

  1. Max Hayen says:

    I find it interesting that Marion patches asphalts streets with concrete and Hillsboro patches concrete streets with asphalt.

    I also find it interesting that Marion does serious asphalt patching on only one ocasion and it’s in the fall. One day a month would greatly improve the maintenance of our streets.

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