Jobs I’ve Had

I recently had to fill out a brief bio for a trade organization.  Looking at my work history, I realized I have been in a variety of fields.  Securities, insurance, aviation, banking, real estate and even ran my own manufacturing firm.  Now, here I am, counting up all the jobs I’ve had.  Just to see if anyone is reading this, I propose a simple game.

Count up how many jobs you’ve had.  A job, for this discussion, would mean full or part time for which you received payment.  Just hit “comment” and post your name and number of jobs you’ve had.

I’ll start:  Doug Kjellin  11


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City Administrator for the City of Marion, Kansas

7 Responses to Jobs I’ve Had

  1. Jeremiah says:

    Jeremiah Lange 7

  2. Diana Costello says:


  3. Rick Burcky says:

    Does Military service count as one job, or every job I’ve had in the military? 22, I think… my sometimers is kickin’ in… *Smile*

  4. Janet Marler says:


  5. Jami Williams 10 different employers 19 different jobs

  6. Sheila albright says:

    8 different.

  7. Sheila Albright says:


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