I’m looking at the clock and realize it’s less than an hour until the City Council meeting.  Twenty agenda items.  Some are pretty much just “housecleaning items” like Department Head Reports and Consent Agenda.  However, we are also hearing from our Housing Authority Director on progress at Hilltop Manor.  We will be discussing changing the trash schedule to just one pickup a week.  Refinancing the Spec Building, discussing burn issues during the month of April and even a Public Hearing regarding the south hill water project.

I know it seems there is no time to go to these kind of meetings.  It can get a little tedious wading through council questions and clarifications.  And, I have to admit, formerly only went to council meetings in other cities for official real estate business, so I understand.

But please stay aware of municipal government issues.  Fuel is not getting cheaper, our streets are not getting newer and nobody wants to use the “T” word (taxes).  We have to be creative and resourceful in how we run the business that is the City of Marion.  I think you are pretty smart bunch (not only because you’re reading this).  I’m open to ideas.  We have to pull together and get our best money-saving thoughts “on the table”.

There may need to be a reduction in some services instead of raising utility rates or “T’s”.  I’ll try to keep you informed of the bigger issues and hopefully you will speak to me or the council on the best path we should take.

Well, that’s all for now.  Gotta make it to the meeting!


About marionadmin
City Administrator for the City of Marion, Kansas

One Response to Tick-Tock

  1. John L Fox says:

    It is my experiance that governments seek advice from similar governments for advice on cutting budgets, personel issues, and mastering each service they render. Lendership should not look at the ‘cheat sheet” and copy similar governments. City Council’s must look inward at themselves and the services they provide. Then, think “outside the box” to trim cost and demand efficient operation of each department. Never trust a Council person that starts a statement with; I want…….no one cares what he wants! What he should want is what is best for the community as a whole. Take it from someone who knows. John (Larry) Fox, Mayor, Montgomery, Texas

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