Ordinance Research

In researching a specific ordinance, I have come across Ordinance 1-102 from 1936 that allows the “keeping of milk cows sufficient for the use of any family not exceeding three cows” and “the keeping of pigs or hogs by any one family not exceeding six in number”. I bet that one has been repealed. But it still illustrates how dependent we were on providing our own food and how “close” we were to the necessities of human existence.

Next time you reach for your vacuum sealed pork cutlet, remember that not too long ago, before dinner, there might be a pig that needs butchering.



This is the inaugural edition of the Marion, Kansas, City Administrators blog.  Blog.  What an unfortunate word.  Anyway, I intend to use this site to inform others of the goings-on of a small rural town in Kansas.  It is my hope you will find this helpful and, at times, enlightening.  I expect to give notices pertinent to the Citizens of our fine town and also diverge into tangents whenever the feeling hits.

This is not just for Marionites, but also could be a window into a country town and the Midwest mindset.  There will be more, but it’s five o’clock and, well, I am a government worker!

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